‘Off the King’s Road’: Jermyn Street Theatre gets it right yet again

Off the King's Road

It’s a testament to how highly Jermyn Street Theatre is regarded that it’s able to put on productions such as ‘Off the King’s Road’, which I went to see earlier this evening. How many other theatres with a capacity of just 100 could attract actors of the calibre of Michael Brandon and Cherie Lunghi? Oh, and an e-appearance by Jeff Bridges, no less (yes, you heard me right).

Written by Neil Koenigsberg, a long-time friend of Michael Brandon, this play focuses on a retired American businessman, Matt Browne, recently widowed and visiting London in an attempt to cure his broken heart and come to terms with his wife’s death. Needless to say, his planned itinerary of culture, food, parks, museums and theatres doesn’t exactly materialise and he finds himself entangled with people and scenarios which place him completely outside his comfort zone.

At turns heart-warming, gut-wrenching, funny and sad, above all this is a play about love, hope – and the ability of the human spirit to renew itself even when all seems lost. The most moving 90 minutes I’ve experienced in quite a while.

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