Burt Bacharach, at the London Palladium. Need I say more?

Burt Bacharach

The London Palladium has played host to many stars over the years, but few, I would wager, as iconic as Burt Bacharach. Unbelievably, this is his first visit to the Palladium – and it’s clear from the outset that this dapper & charming man is going to make the absolute most of it, bringing with him a 30-strong orchestra and three incredibly soulful singers and accompanying them on his beloved piano all night long.

How easy it is to forget how many classics BB is responsible for and what an influence his music has had, not just on other musicians but on the worlds of film and theatre, too (8 Grammys, 3 Oscars, 9 Number Ones and 48 Top Ten Hits, in case you were wondering). How many of these songs have you sung along to at one point or another in your life: ‘Walk on By’…’Alfie’…’On My Own’…’Always Something There to Remind Me’…The Look of Love’…need I go on? In between classics BB introduces guest star after guest star – Norma Jean, Marc Almond, Rumer – and Rick Astley, whose voice, which I am hearing live for the first time, proves to be so soulful that I can finally forgive him for his 1980s crimes against music.

More classics follow: ‘Anyone Who Had a Heart’…’I Say a Little Prayer’…’24 Hours to Tulsa’…’What’s New Pussycat?’…but eventually this unforgettable evening has to come to an end and we shuffle, reluctantly, out into the night air and the hustle & bustle of Argyll Street. Not even a 40-minute wait for the bus can drag me out of my musical reverie, though; I feel as though I’m floating on air…

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