A Park Theatre JB Priestly revival leaves me both laughing and crying

The Roundabout

My first theatre outing of September: a 1930s JB Priestly play that I’ve never seen before, performed in a contemporary setting at one of my favourite venues, Islington’s Park Theatre. The perfect mix of old and new – and what a delicious two hours this proved to be. ‘The Roundabout’ is an eloquent and witty play, written at a time of social change & upheaval – a critical theme of the play, although love, family and a failing London Stock Exchange all play a part.

So yes, it might have been written nearly 100 years ago, but its themes remain as relevant as ever. I particularly liked Hugh Sachs, as Chuffy (admittedly, he has all the best lines), but it’s unfair, really, to single any one of the actors out – they are all perfectly-cast. What’s more, despite the serious topics there are some genuine laugh-out loud moments to accompany the lump-in-your throat-blinking-very-hard episodes, making this the perfect theatre outing – I loved it.

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