Tucking into truffle and honey at the home of woodfired artisan pizza

So, Burrata. I don’t think I’ve ever eaten at a restaurant in Earlsfield; indeed, I’ve visited this part of southwest London precisely twice: both times, to see the wonderful Eileen Page perform at the Tara Theatre.

On the second occasion, having been bowled over by ‘Ellen Terry: Too Human to be Called Divine’, I was overcome by hunger pangs and discovered this gem of an Italian eaterie, just a few doors down the road. It was a Saturday night and Burrata had the happy knack of being both lively and mellow, the latter vibe helped by the restaurant’s rustic wooden furniture, exposed brick walls and ambient lighting.

I ordered Burrata’s eponymous starter because – well, why wouldn’t you? Faced with a choice of three dressings, all of which sounded delicious, I plumped for the Truffle Honey. Given that burrata (cheese in general, in fact) and truffle are two of my favourite things in life, this dish was always going to be a winner – and I found it delectable, that luscious white globe of cheese melting beautifully into the sweetness of the honey and unmistakeable woody notes of truffle. Interestingly, the dish had been seasoned with rock salt – not something it would have occurred to me to add, but the overall combination made for a mouthwatering experience.

I enjoyed the truffle flavours so much that I couldn’t resist ordering the Funghi Selavatici pizza. Thin in base, laden with meaty wild mushrooms, it was a delight. It’s my firm belief that you only need two or three simple ingredients to create a great dish – and this was the perfect example, as Italian food so often is.

Burrata describes itself as “the home of woodfired artisan pizza” and I’m looking forward to returning to try more of its specialities. I’m so glad that I’ve discovered this buzzing and friendly neighbourhood restaurant: I was given such a warm welcome, with the lovely waiter going out of his way to talk to me about the play I’d just seen. That Burrata’s food tasted so good was, for sure, the icing on the cake.


  1. This is a wonderful piece you did! I am also of the opinion that one only needs two or three ingredients to make a great dish. If you’re ever in Philadelphia, Porta is an awesome Italian pizzeria, with an oven specially made in Naples.

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