Ruth Ellis – the Last Woman to be Hanged — courtesy of London Historians’ Blog

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  1. Thank you, I was familiar with the story but when you read it again you are made aware of the tragedy of all those involved and without being flippant one is forced to ask how one woman could have had the misfortune to be involved with so many of them.
    From the very beginning her father raped her sister and also abused Ruth, then her relationships with two men, her husband George Ellis and later David Blakely both of whom turned out to be violent alcoholics.
    Later her involvement with Desmond Cussens who not only goaded her to shoot Blakely but drove her there and supplied the gun, asking that she remove his love rival, all of which was concealed by Ruth’s solicitor at her trial.
    Even when found guilty it seems quite extraordinary that she didn’t appeal at the time and even years later was not granted a posthumous pardon.
    In the years after she was hanged her estranged husband George Ellis hanged himself, her mother attempted to gas herself and was left brain damaged, her son smashed her grave stone and killed himself and lastly her daughter became an alcoholic and died of cancer.
    As they say “you couldn’t write it” and if you did it would never get published as the story would be considered too far-fetched.

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    • I agree completely with everything you say and it beggars belief that the role of Desmond Cussens was kept from the jury. Also, that there was no appeal. Ellis seems to have been resigned to her fate and there surely must have been question marks around her mental stability. Dare I say it, I think the fact that she was female played a big part in her downfall.

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  2. Different morals and ideals in those days and a combination of so many things that led to her downfall. We can’t have women getting ideas above their station and running amok with loaded revolvers, me thinks!! That and her useless defence team and her mental state added together.

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