What to do in London in the coming months

By my fellow blogger ‘It Happened Once’

It Happened Once

February may be halfway gone already, but your social calendar doesn’t need to be empty! In fact, I know I find it oh-so boring when I have nothing to do instead of going out and experiencing London and its offerings. I’ve heard of and read about a variety of events coming up and I am so excited to let you know all about them! From new exhibitions to concerts and from festivals to shows, London will be buzzing with activity in the coming months, just before summer, which I can’t wait for it to start. So strap in and let’s all get plenty of inspiration from all those events that I’m going to talk to you about!


34477702111_f70651b5cc_k Pancake Day

42632410574_6a52c7add8_k Orchids Festival Kew Gardens

In love with flowers? Then Kew Gardens host a festival that is right up your alley! The Orchid festival returns for a month at Kew (until…

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  1. Dear Liz, I have nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award! I thoroughly enjoy your site and look forward to your blog posts! If you have been nominated recently, please feel free to just consider yourself double nominated! Info on my site. Have a wonderful, sunny day, Dorothy

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