A very special night at the Royal Hospital Chelsea, watching my childhood heart throbs Wet Wet Wet

A very special evening out tonight, watching Wet Wet Wet perform at the Royal Hospital Chelsea. Have to say that going to a gig in Chelsea is a very different experience from any other gigs I’ve been to: welcome to the world of wood-fired pizzas, Pimms’ tents, duck rotisseries, artisan cupcakes and, I kid you not, Gordon Ramsay pop-ups. What a lovely place to be, though: with the sun making a bleary but welcome appearance (no repetition of the previous night’s storms, thank goodness, as none of the seating at RHC is under cover) there was a real party atmosphere and it was very moving, watching the Chelsea Pensioners, immaculate in their red uniforms, mingling with and chatting to the concert-goers.

And the concert itself was brilliant. One classic after another; I’d forgotten how much fantastic music Wet Wet Wet have made. Marti Pellow’s voice is as soulful as ever and he didn’t stop beaming throughout (neither did I, to be honest, I was having such a good time). In fact, all of the band looked as though they were having the time of their lives – I don’t think they wanted the evening to end more than any of the audience did…

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